Deltabalance offers a suite of ergonomic standing products, stand-lean-sit devices and computer work stations for improved musculoskeletal comfort, stability and strength.

Deltabalance offers a suite of eQuilibrium eQ® Anti-Fatigue Ergonomic Technology standing products and Stand-Lean-Sit devices for improved musculoskeletal comfort, stability and strength. All eQuilibrium products accommodate significant weight support capabilities.



eQ1 Sliver

eQ Sliver

The eQ1 Sliver used for upslope standing only while at the process or prep counter, the kitchen or bathroom sink. Can also be used at the standing desk (upslope only). 33"x12"x3".

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eQ2 Almond®

eQ Almond

The eQ2 Almond accommodates up-slope, down-slope and side-slope within a limited space. Ideal for a standing desk or work station or wherever the user must stand continuously. 33"x24"x3".

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| $249

eQ3 Anti-Fatigue Platform



eQ3 Anti-Fatigue Platform, the original Anti-Fatigue Platform designed with a sloped, curvilinear surface is used as a workstation, comfort station, rehabilitation station and or exercise station. This product comes in Regular Consumer, Consumer+ and Industrial Models.


    eQ3: The Regular Consumer model, $369, is manufactured through green technology - vacuum formed laminated hardboard process and designed to withstand 280lb/ 130kg. 36" Diameter


    eQ3+: This model, $439, was designed for heavier individuals. 36" Diameter


    eQ3a: The Industrial Model, $639, is made from light-weight Aluminum Checker plate. 33" Diameter



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eQuilibrium SLS1

The Deltabalance eQ SLS1, under development, extends the eQ3 Anti-Fatigue Platform into a stand-lean-sit ergonomic device.

Expected delivery of this product is late 2017- Early 2018


"It [eQ] clearly demonstrates while standing downslope one reduces the EMG demands and lumbosacral compression. Lumbosacral compression is the most important biomechanical variable related to the causation of low back pain. A significant reduction in compressive load relieves the spine providing a scientific rationale for the sustained use of this device to relieve chronic low back pain"


Dr. Shrawan Kumar, PhD, DSc, FErgS
Professor, Ergonomics Research Laboratory
Department of Physical Therapy
University of Alberta