Products uniquely designed & clinically tested to relieve back pain while standing!

Patented and Clinically Proven Anti Fatigue Technology products relieve back pain while standing!

Comfort while standing!


eQ Standing Technology:

eQ Standing Technology offers a shift in your upright experience reducing back strain and back pain up to 60%. We call it 3D Standing.


Here’s how it works:

By adding a curved vertical dimension to the standing plane, eQ induces a shift of the body mass causing an automatic change in posture. While facing forward on the downslope, for example, the large quad muscles show an increase in EMG activity as the toes face downward and the knees go into flexion to support the body above. At the same time the pelvic structure is tilted slightly backward and its orientation reinforced. This all results in relaxation of the mid-back area, the large and medium gluteal muscles and the front the lower legs.


Non Exertional Activity Thermogenesis:

We call it eQ synergy. As long as the user’s body mass is standing on eQ it will continue to induce an overall sustained increase in EMG and vascular activity, reducing back pain while improving user energy and task focus. For more on NEAT click here


Jack P. Callaghan PhD, CK, CCPE : "The eQ Almond introduces changes that result in beneficial reductions in low back pain during prolonged standing. These positive findings were supported in the exit survey satisfaction rating with 87.5% of all participants indicating that they would use the eQ Almond if they were in an occupational setting that required prolonged standing work".




For working while standing in office, recreation, industrial, commercial, home and rehabilitation


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